Nigel Mckenzie's Buffalo Bills Extended Profile

Who am I?

I am a Bills fan who has alot of questions about the bills and the league as a whole. I want to hear "Real Talk" from everybody who decides to make a statement or point about the Buffalo Bills, or their opponents. I like to hear what people really feel about these Bills, and what they may be capapble of, if anything.

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Upstate Statement

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309 augustine st



State / Region

New York State

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maxxpain187 (Add Buddy, Send Message)


Arts, Buffalo Bills home games, Movies, Music, Sports, Travel


and Movies. Horror is my favorite Genre, I love sports


but make sure you have a strong argument, People who judge teams without knowing the facts. We can debate all day


Closed file Clerk-Stipulations


LLP, Shapiro and Dicaro

Company / Institution

Law Firm

Job Title

Closed File clerk

I would like to ...

eventhough being an underdog, To be known as a person who made a difference

Career Goals

I want to gain experience that would help me prepare a mindset for a career and future suceess. Learning and doing things I have never done,yet realizing I have potential out of this world,I just have to pipoint what direction to go in for my career.

Level of Education

Bachelor's Degree

High School

Edison Technical and Occupational Center

University / College

SUNY Brockport



Main Skills

Handling my business to the best of my ability

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