1 September 2010

This team is the only team in the entire league with a team name.  I'm not making this up, the rest of the teams are sorted by their owner/coach, but not the self proclaimed Minnesota State Screaming Eagles.  So, what does this squad have in common with the rest of the state?  A:  They're losers.  Year in and year out.. even when they're close, they really aren't.  Brian managed to win 4 games last year.. in 14.  That means he also managed to lose double digit games which can be difficult to do in fantasy sports.  So, without further ado, lets take a look at this bottom feeder.

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1 September 2009

"My parents drove all the way down from Michigan to see me play the game. And did I cry?... " said Jimmy Dugan. Huh? Jimmy Dugan? Who is Jimmy Dugan? Come on don't be embarrassed, you know who he is!

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10 October 2008

Good news Gamecocks fans, I believe that our Gamecocks has a great chance to win this week at Kentucky and here's why. Yes, KT is 4-1, but the haven't beat anyone notable. The have w

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23 February 2008

After witnessing Tennessee Volunteers defeat the number one ranked team in the nation the Memphis Tigers, it is crystal clear what this game meant:  Memphis is one of the most overrated number one team.  Sure, they had the second best RPI in the nation, but they just were not that good.  They have not been tested at all while they faced Conference USA teams.  Sure they defeated USC, UCONN, Arizona, and Gonzaga, but that was all in the start of the season when those teams were slow out of the gate.  After those uplifting victories, Memphis has not been tested at all by facing mediocre teams in CUSA.  While watching them face Tennessee, it was clear who was the better  team.  In one of its biggest games of the season, it struggled because this team has not faced this kind of atmosphere all season.  The players seemed rattled by the atmosphere and there was sloppy plays everywhere.  From bad shots, passes, and turnovers, it was a display that showed Memphis is not considered one of the best teams in college basketball.  Even though Tennessee was horrible at times, they were able to overcome their struggles, and the crowd.  They were able to prevail.  Memphis shot too many threes and played selfishly as they tried to drive it to the basket when other players were open.  Memphis is not a considered a national champ, but rather a national flop.

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